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Sunday, August 1, 2010


5651 S. Grand Canyon
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(702) 586-7000


Here we go....tonight we went back to eat and were not disappointed AGAIN. This little restaurant in a small strip mall off Grand Canyon is delightful.  It's like eating in a small mama-papa place in New York.  Decorated rustic with side booths and various size tables. They do a huge take-out pizza business but if you stay to eat you will not be disappointed. The menu is filled with your basic Italian food but it's better than any Olive Garden or overpriced Italian Restaurant on the strip. Honestly, it's like eating at home...only this home has a menu. 

The staff is VERY attentive and friendly. Their specialty is their deep dish pizza but I prefer the chicken limone and the homemade lasagna - but here's a treat....they bring you a warm basket filled with fried dough smothered in parmesan cheese and a more than generous portion (ask for a side of marinara and start double dipping away).  If you have a group (four or more) they offer one huge salad to share family style. The caesar salad taste like a real caesar salad not the fake Italian salad for the masses they serve in other establishments. 
 Check out their menu for everything they offer on their website. It's a great date night  place, its quiet and you can stay as long as you like without getting the feeling they want you out. The last few times I was there they had some  Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, some opera, and something like soft rock playing. So it's a pleasant mix to please everyone's taste in music.  Dessert.....cheesecake, the usual etc..but if you like tiramisu... order theirs it's homemade delicious...soft creamy and the portion is amazing..Oh I forgot to mention the portions...really substantial, in fact you can order one main course and split it and be very satisfied.

I highly recommend this restaurant wherever you live in Vegas it's worth the drive.

Well that's where I went today, hope you all enjoyed the review. Thanks for checking in my friends...till tomorrow.... 

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