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Monday, September 20, 2010

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater


I couldn't wait to take my Grandkids to this show. To me it had it all..animals, juggling, clowns, comedy, etc.  Plus there was a 2 for 1 ticket deal so great right???? NOPE..

First you have to wait in line for sometime then they ask you if you want to upgrade to VIP seating then remember there is always tax. YOU DON"T EVER want to upgrade your seating in any of these theaters. Ever. It's not worth the money and the theater's are so small it doesn't make a difference. I would have paid full price to take the kids but they have the local deal going for all the shows so 2 for 1 didn't seem painful for a good show. Believe me it was painful really painful.   Did the kids love it??? Of course they did.  They are six and four.  The seats go up like stadium seating so you can see everything whether you want to or not. 

IT may have been voted the best family show in Vegas but lets face it..there aren't many shows here for kids so they must have won that honor by default.   It was like being tied down and forced to watch a mime for an hour.  He repeats over and over that the animals were rescued and I'm so happy for them and it's a really great thing but the poor animals were  pooped and "OVER IT" they looked tired and numb like everyone else in the act.   We actually had to sit and watch Popovich do a mime act while he puts on clown make-up ughhhh... and a sad homeless man skit.  REALLY???  Kids don't need to see that!!!!   And the kids asking "Why is that man sleeping on a bench"?  "Where is his home"? Really unnecessary Mr. Popovich.  The tricks were common and the set cheap.  My daughter and I were rolling our eyes in disbelief at this show. AND the big thing is... he can't speak English very well so we're sitting there trying to understand what he's saying...if he told jokes they were lost on most of the was pretty quiet most of the time.  I looked over at this man with his family and he was half asleep..(.probably having a nightmare about how much money he just wasted) I felt sorry for everyone who paid full price for this - I felt sorry for all of us who paid a dime to see this. 

 I spent almost the same amount of money seeing the "Tournaments of Kings Show".  The kids love it, love it, love it.  We see this show every time they come to stay. Included in the price of admission we get dinner, drinks, the show, picture opportunities with the cast and a arcade on our way out.  There is no comparison the Popovich Show - save your money and your time.  I can give you lots of other things to do with the kids so SKIP IT.  In fact, most of the shows at the Hard Rock V Theaters are a waste.  If your a tourist - avoid these shows and go see something worth while.  LeReve, Ka, Love, "O", etc.   I will be reviewing another show I saw at V Theaters.."The Mentalist" I went because I had free tickets....enough said for now.  

One last thing...there are good small shows in town and I'll tell you where they are especially some of the impressionist shows they are pretty good and not crazy expensive.  But if your coming to town and have any questions on ticket prices or the best shows or even if the meals are worth the extra bucks(rarely) just ask me in the comment section and I'll give you my honest opinion and do some research for you.

OK another one last, last thing...if given a choice of a dinner show or the late show....TAKE THE LATE SHOW...go have a nice dinner somewhere else where your not on a time schedule and the food isn't for the masses. 

OK SO A LITTLE BIT MORE INFO than just the "Popovich Show" but in my opinion once more....don't waste your money...honestly it's not worth it.  Tomorrow I'm going to review a show I LOVE. Get it.....LOVE .....get it????? LOL

Monday, September 13, 2010

John Cutter Restaurant/Bar/Grill

Love the the steaks on half price Sunday...your choice of Fillet or New York.  First you get a house salad then a plate of steak, that's it one big steak on a place and it's delicious.  I recommend a side of Mac and Cheese to round out your meal.  The Desserts are limited and not very good.  But if you want a great steak at $15.00 bucks on Sunday...go there.

On Sat. and Sun. they serve breakfast - pretty good actually it's disappointing they don't serve it everyday.  The Bar has the usual video poker machines and the music can be quite loud.  It's packed on Sunday so go early...I've been there later when they literally ran out of steaks. Typical grill type food but I have to mention that they have a great BBQ chicken pizza that rivals CPK.  Sandwiches, seafood, chicken, burgers, salads, wings, etc. On Saturday you can get Steak and Lobster for under twenty bucks...its a little lobster tail but together ...still very satisfying.  The Bar is usually packed and the girls running around doing the best they can.  What surprises me is the number of families with kids that go there. They have a kid's menu so that's a draw. It's in the Paseo's and Vista Communities so a lot of families eat there.  You can opt to eat out on the tables outside when weather permits - less noise but you are eating in a parking lot so keep that in mind. 

Sedona Restaurant is their sister restaurant but they are both on the website. I'll review Sedona on another day. Check out both their menu's - Sedona has their own special going on and it's excellent especially after their remodel.  We frequent Cutters on Sundays a lot - we are familiar with the girls and it's comfortable for us however it's the half price steak that keeps us going back.

JOHN CUTTER * saloon * grill * video poker *

11770 W. Charleston Blvd.

Ste. #110

Las Vegas, NV 89135

(702) 309-6200 phone

Sunday, September 12, 2010


I'm not going to talk about a restaurant today - today is about activities and the parks in Summerlin.  

I've lived here for quite some time now and it wasn't until I moved into the Willows in Summerlin that I found out that if anyone lives in Summerlin you have the opportunity to enjoy the many activities at the parks and recreation centers.  We went into the Willows Community Center and gave our zip code then received our Summerlin Resident Cards to enjoy the pool and all the other offerings all summer long. About the  had lots of lifeguards for the kids a great slide and little pool for preschoolers.  Plenty of lounge chairs and lots of shade to enjoy our picnic lunch.  We're going to be regulars next summer especially when the grandkids are in town. A quieter pool is in the trails community - so I was told.  

Here's a list of things they are offering in 2010:

Snow Day - Arbors Tennis and Play Park was transformed into a winter wonderland 
St. Patricks Day - 5K run
Summerlin Circus - Crossing Park
Egg Hunt - Trails Park Ballfield
Swim Sign Up Day 
Farmers Market starts in May... 4pm to 8pm (its still going on till the weather changes)
Friday Night Concerts live in the park
Patriotic Parade in July
Firecracker 5K
Summerlin Pumpkin Festival - Oct.9th - Gardens Park
Hometown Holiday's - Dec. 1st and 2nd - 6pm -8:30pm - Gardens Community Center

Three Community Centers (Gardens Community Center, Trails Community Center and Willows Community Center)  join together to offer classes like;
Strength Training for Women
Tai Chi
and more...

So if you have a Summerlin zip code check out their link their website is very informative:

But.... if your not a Summerlin resident then tell your friends who are and they can bring you along for all the fun. :))) 


Saturday, September 11, 2010


I'm back on track - had to take a little pause on my blog. Moving isn't fun so some things have to suffer (mostly my time) - Just want to thank everyone for supporting the blog and if you have any questions that I can answer please let me know.


Went to Applebees last night for their special, the two for $20.00 deal.  What is it about Applebees that when you walk in it always smells like mildew.  Maybe its the food but it smells a bit like their carpets are wet.  I don't know what it is but it bugs me.  The Applebee's in Indiana smelled the same way so I'm thinking its just a Applebee's special smell. 

OK back to the food's OK...just OK.  I think next time I'll just order out then I can enjoy my meal without the smell.  The service was good - a little to good.  I felt like the server was at my table every minute asking if everything was OK while I was chewing....another reason to order out I suppose. 

We ordered a appetizer to share (mozzarella sticks) and our separate entrees.  I've ordered the spinach/artichoke dip with chips before and they were really good.  Good portions of food but my favorite thing there is the Blondie with butter sauce, walnuts and ice cream..Yum.... enough for two. I also like the mini shooters you can order for $1.99 just enough for one and a good dessert choice.  

I don't know how long this special will be running but I'm just linking you to the website if you want to see the different entrees.  So it's a good deal while it if they could just get rid of that smell !


8730 W. Charleston Blvd.

Las Vegas, NV 89117


Call to order Carside To Go

Sunday, August 1, 2010


5651 S. Grand Canyon
Las Vegas, NV 89148
(702) 586-7000


Here we go....tonight we went back to eat and were not disappointed AGAIN. This little restaurant in a small strip mall off Grand Canyon is delightful.  It's like eating in a small mama-papa place in New York.  Decorated rustic with side booths and various size tables. They do a huge take-out pizza business but if you stay to eat you will not be disappointed. The menu is filled with your basic Italian food but it's better than any Olive Garden or overpriced Italian Restaurant on the strip. Honestly, it's like eating at home...only this home has a menu. 

The staff is VERY attentive and friendly. Their specialty is their deep dish pizza but I prefer the chicken limone and the homemade lasagna - but here's a treat....they bring you a warm basket filled with fried dough smothered in parmesan cheese and a more than generous portion (ask for a side of marinara and start double dipping away).  If you have a group (four or more) they offer one huge salad to share family style. The caesar salad taste like a real caesar salad not the fake Italian salad for the masses they serve in other establishments. 
 Check out their menu for everything they offer on their website. It's a great date night  place, its quiet and you can stay as long as you like without getting the feeling they want you out. The last few times I was there they had some  Dean Martin, Frank Sinatra, some opera, and something like soft rock playing. So it's a pleasant mix to please everyone's taste in music.  Dessert.....cheesecake, the usual etc..but if you like tiramisu... order theirs it's homemade delicious...soft creamy and the portion is amazing..Oh I forgot to mention the portions...really substantial, in fact you can order one main course and split it and be very satisfied.

I highly recommend this restaurant wherever you live in Vegas it's worth the drive.

Well that's where I went today, hope you all enjoyed the review. Thanks for checking in my friends...till tomorrow....