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Friday, July 30, 2010

"Yogurtland" on Flamingo and the 215

SO you LOVE yogurt???  This place is wonderful and LOTS of people know it. It can be especially crowded but it is worth wait to pay.  The flavors change daily while keeping the standards of vanilla, chocolate, cheesecake, etc.  They range from a Tart Boysenberry (no fat -no sugar) to Reese's Peanut Butter. You pay buy the weight so watch how many toppings you pile on. Choose from  fresh fruit, candy, nuts, syrups, fudge, sprinkles OR just enjoy the flavor of this dense and creamy yogurt by itself.  You'll be hooked at first bite.They also offer free water with a few Strawberry's in it - pretty cool.  I wasn't a big yogurt person but one night after eating at Sammy's Pizza  right next store we stopped by for some dessert. Now...I dream about it and frequent Yogurtland at least once a week.

They have some tables inside and out -  however it is small so don't expect to be sitting down during peak hours. If you live within 15 minutes you will make it home without this yogurt completely melting - which is great for yogurt.  They keep it clean and the young staff is very friendly. Great for little kids and parents know it. Very family friendly the kids get to pick what they love so... win win. I suggest if you take the kids you just let them eat there. Less mess in the car and at home.

I like to think that because it's yogurt it healthy or healthier than ice cream and that makes me feel better about eating this treat. And  I'm eathing it ALOT so no lectures on calories please!  They don't offer punch cards or coupons -they don't have too.  So this is about indulging not getting a deal this time. 

No picture today I enabled a link to Yogurtland if you care to check it out.  

Thanks for checking in friends...all my best until tomorrow.....

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