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Monday, September 20, 2010

Popovich Comedy Pet Theater


I couldn't wait to take my Grandkids to this show. To me it had it all..animals, juggling, clowns, comedy, etc.  Plus there was a 2 for 1 ticket deal so great right???? NOPE..

First you have to wait in line for sometime then they ask you if you want to upgrade to VIP seating then remember there is always tax. YOU DON"T EVER want to upgrade your seating in any of these theaters. Ever. It's not worth the money and the theater's are so small it doesn't make a difference. I would have paid full price to take the kids but they have the local deal going for all the shows so 2 for 1 didn't seem painful for a good show. Believe me it was painful really painful.   Did the kids love it??? Of course they did.  They are six and four.  The seats go up like stadium seating so you can see everything whether you want to or not. 

IT may have been voted the best family show in Vegas but lets face it..there aren't many shows here for kids so they must have won that honor by default.   It was like being tied down and forced to watch a mime for an hour.  He repeats over and over that the animals were rescued and I'm so happy for them and it's a really great thing but the poor animals were  pooped and "OVER IT" they looked tired and numb like everyone else in the act.   We actually had to sit and watch Popovich do a mime act while he puts on clown make-up ughhhh... and a sad homeless man skit.  REALLY???  Kids don't need to see that!!!!   And the kids asking "Why is that man sleeping on a bench"?  "Where is his home"? Really unnecessary Mr. Popovich.  The tricks were common and the set cheap.  My daughter and I were rolling our eyes in disbelief at this show. AND the big thing is... he can't speak English very well so we're sitting there trying to understand what he's saying...if he told jokes they were lost on most of the was pretty quiet most of the time.  I looked over at this man with his family and he was half asleep..(.probably having a nightmare about how much money he just wasted) I felt sorry for everyone who paid full price for this - I felt sorry for all of us who paid a dime to see this. 

 I spent almost the same amount of money seeing the "Tournaments of Kings Show".  The kids love it, love it, love it.  We see this show every time they come to stay. Included in the price of admission we get dinner, drinks, the show, picture opportunities with the cast and a arcade on our way out.  There is no comparison the Popovich Show - save your money and your time.  I can give you lots of other things to do with the kids so SKIP IT.  In fact, most of the shows at the Hard Rock V Theaters are a waste.  If your a tourist - avoid these shows and go see something worth while.  LeReve, Ka, Love, "O", etc.   I will be reviewing another show I saw at V Theaters.."The Mentalist" I went because I had free tickets....enough said for now.  

One last thing...there are good small shows in town and I'll tell you where they are especially some of the impressionist shows they are pretty good and not crazy expensive.  But if your coming to town and have any questions on ticket prices or the best shows or even if the meals are worth the extra bucks(rarely) just ask me in the comment section and I'll give you my honest opinion and do some research for you.

OK another one last, last thing...if given a choice of a dinner show or the late show....TAKE THE LATE SHOW...go have a nice dinner somewhere else where your not on a time schedule and the food isn't for the masses. 

OK SO A LITTLE BIT MORE INFO than just the "Popovich Show" but in my opinion once more....don't waste your money...honestly it's not worth it.  Tomorrow I'm going to review a show I LOVE. Get it.....LOVE .....get it????? LOL


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